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Based out of Stanhope, NJ, Under Pressure provides painting services, power washing services, and drywalling services for homeowners in Morris, Sussex, and Warren County, NJ.

If you ask our Owner, William Eaves, what the key to our success is, he’ll tell you it’s a mixture of quality craftsmanship and treating every home like it’s their own.

“We’ll stop and ask ourselves, okay what is the best solution to get the outcome the client needs. Sometimes those answers involve a few extra steps, and that’s a big differentiator for the Under Pressure team. We will always go the extra mile and explain the details our customers don’t know to ask.” Owner, William Eaves.

Contact our team today for a no-obligation consultation and see for yourself what sets Under Pressure apart from other painting, power washing, and drywalling companies in the area.

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When it comes to drywalling, we’ve seen and heard it all. Our team at Under Pressure always goes the extra mile – even if it will cost us a bit more or take a bit longer. Our business is built on quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.


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